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If Maison Charteau’s expertise is praised by great names of gastronomy; it is because of the great carefulness with which this salt is produced. Indeed, this French sea salt has first been sieved, then sorted by hand. It guaranties a perfect homogeneity, and you can be sure that you will almost never find any impurity. This quality of product is very much appreciated, especially by bakers.


100% French sea salt.


Presqu'île guérandaise, France


Maison Charteau


Lionel and Francoise Charteau have been working on salt marshes for a decade now, and they have set up a saline on the Guérande peninsula in order to produce their own salt. Each and every operations are hand-made by the couple, who provides 100% natural products. The quality of their production has made them valuable partners for starred chefs .


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