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French sea salt "Fleur de Sel" 250 g

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The Maison Charteau used its whole expertise for the production of the French sea salt "Fleur de Sel". When the conditions necessary for the harvest are present, it is hand-picked then drip-dried for 18 months, delicately sieved and finally sorted, one grain at a time. The French sea salt "Fleur de Sel" has to go through each and every one of these stages before being served at our tables.

The « Fleur de Sel » is much thinner and is dissolved much more rapidly than classic sea salt, and this is why we advise you to add it toward the end of the cooking, or even once the meal is served on the table.


100% Guérande sea salt "Fleur de Sel".


Presqu'île guérandaise, France


Maison Charteau


Lionel and Francoise Charteau have been working on salt marshes for a decade now, and they have set up a saline on the Guérande peninsula in order to produce their own salt. Each and every operations are hand-made by the couple, who provides 100% natural products. The quality of their production has made them valuable partners for starred chefs .


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