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A native of Phu Qhoc island in Vietnam, The white pepper Phu Quoc is characterized by a fairly dark beige colour, it is harvested just before the end of maturity which explains the exceptional size of its grains. With a fragrance with animal stables and leather smells, it will raise your dishes with a score of nutmeg and a slight touch of acidity on the finish. Note that the white-Phu Qhoc Mungo and its counterpart from Cameroon are considered the most precious of white peppers.


White pepper Kampot 100%.






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This white pepper is perfect with veal, pork, offal, starchy foods, broths, but also with pears and apples.

The perfect dish for white Phu Quoc is a linguine dish with white Alba truffle (tuber magnatum)

To always add at the end of cooking, do not cook pepper.