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Jamaïca Pepper 22 g

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Originally from Jamaica, this false pepper is also known as Jamaica spice. It is very popular with cooks and sometimes nicknamed all spices because its taste is reminiscent of a mixture of pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. 


Poivre de Jamaïque 100%.






Importer of spices and peppers, Sarabar research in areas of production, the best spices in the world. Once selected, they are immediately sent to France by plane to be conditioned. This allows to offer peppers and spices as fresh as possible, but also of precise origin.


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Jamaica pepper will be adequate to numerous dishes, but makes the difference with poultry, pork, fat fishes and baked fishes. It flavors warmly terrines and pâtés and will bring an exotic touch to the fruit-based desserts, particularly with the pear and the apple, the creams, the mousses and the rice pudding.