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Limpet with Celtic Whisky 80 g

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Limpets are shellfish with firm flesh, that should be softened beforehand by hitting them. They are eaten grilled, stewed, or raw on the beach!

For this paté, limpets were married to a Peaty Whisky and marked with a touch of garlic. These rillettes are undoubtedly those whose flavor is most pronounced in the mouth.


cream, haddock 34%, limpet 17%, garlic, butter, whisky 1%, salt from Millac, parsley, olive oil, seaweed (agar agar, wakame), pepper.


Brittany, France


L'Atelier du Cuisinier


L'Atelier du cuisinier is the label of upscale spreads.

All the team of l'Atelier du Cuisinier has made ​​up his mind to share with you the original flavors and to invite you to a gastronomic journey around the fish and shellfish.

These are cooked using only natural products without additives or preservatives. Discover without waiting authentic traditional recipes from Breton Regional Heritage.


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L'Atelier du Cuisinier fish pate is to serve cool, as you would serve good white wine!

We recommend serving the fish pate in their verrines accompanied by white bread (baguette, string) lightly toasted and sliced lemon.

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