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Blood sausage 250 g

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When it comes to preparing terroir products , the cannery of Saint-Christophe takes things very seriously.

This artisanal blood sausage recipe offers a product with a pronounced taste owing to the adding of pork meat as well as pork blood. Considerably smooth, it can easily be spread on a toast or used for preparing a Parmentier.


Onions, pork, pork blood, sugar, salt, pepper.


Picardy, France


Conserverie Saint-Christophe


A family savoir-faire lives behind these house, which has seen its trout and field lamb terrines receive awards for their quality. When he saw the success of his terrines and his roasted chicken in the different farmer markets of the area, Eric Van Hoost founded the Conserverie Saint Christophe. It did not take long for the family factory to gain country wide and even Europe wide success. The canning factory is now located in Argoules, 20 kilometers away from the Bay of Somme, and highlights products from the Picardy and the Flanders regions.


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