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Bellota ham from Iberia 5 days - whole 7,36 kg

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This Bellota ham from Iberia 5J (whole) is considered to be one of the best in the world.

The Iberian pigs are bred in wide-open spaces where they are free to roam and they are fed in compliance with the traditional acorn-based diet.

The profiling, selection and salting are artisanal processes during which each piece is individually treated by trained hands that respect tradition. Once the stabilisation and post-salting stages are done, the hams and shoulders undergo long months of sudation inside natural driers. This process then concludes in cellars where the hams undergo the final stage of maturation and refining.

It is the compliance with all of these conditions that makes the Belotta ham a unique and delicious product.

This Bellota ham is sold whole in its sock. The weight of a whole Bellota ham Cinco Jotas can vary between 6 and 8kg. We recommend storing it in a cool, dry place and cutting thin slices in order to enjoy optimal degustation conditions.


Iberian pork ham, salt.


Jabugo, Spain


Cinco Jotas



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