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Chorizo de Bellota - sliced 100 g

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Chorizo is a sausage of the Iberian peninsula made from pork seasoned with salt and paprika, a variety of paprika which gives it its rusty and slightly fruity taste, known since the sixteenth century.

This is particularly tasty chorizo and based as it is made from pigs fed with acorn. It is perfect as an aperitif and goes perfectly squeegee.


Iberian pork lean meat, salt, paprika, spices, sugar, antioxidant (E450), preservative (E252).


Guijuelo, Spain




Beher is recognized in many countries for the quality of its products. The production is located in Spain, in the village of Guijuelo. The manufacture of the House is organized around technological innovations, with impeccable hygiene and traditional know-how.Bellota ham proposed by the Beher House is reputed to be the best ham in the world. Iberian pigs grow in their natural habitat and are fed with acorns during the season. The animals are raised up to 14/16 months, reaching a weight of 160 kg to 180 kg before they are transferred to the Guijuelo factory.


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Although it is not mandatory, we recommend that you place the sliced ​​chorizo in the refrigerator upon receipt to improve conservation.

For an optimal experience, remove the chorizo from the refrigerator and leave it at ambient temperature 30 minutes. Once past 30 minutes, open the blister and wait 15 minutes. Here, the chorizo is ready to be tasted.

Once the blister open, you must consume the sliced ​​chorizo immediately or wrap it in greaseproof paper or transparent film to prevent contact with air.

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