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Original Tabasco 148 ml

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Discover the original Tabasco sauce that was elaborated by McIlhenny's founder more than 150 years ago. It is made with only three ingredients: A locally cultivated red pepper, distilled vinegar of prime quality and a pinch of salt. The Tabasco is then aged in oak barrels for three years before being put in a bottle.

With an intensity level of 6/10 on the Scoville scale, this original Tabasco will enhance all of your dishes' savours without covering them. You'll only need a few drops.


Distilled vinegar, Capsicum frutescens red pepper, salt.


Louisiana, United States





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Valuable ally to all barbecues, Chipotle Tabasco will be perfectly suitable for marinades and will enhance all your barbecues and grills without being too aggressive.

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