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Tabasco habanero 148 ml

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Who doesn't know traditional Tabasco? Being red-coloured, it is the ultimate spicy sauce that can be found almost anywhere in the world. What is harder to find in France is the rest of the Tabasco line of product. Yet, traditional red tabasco has a big brother: Tabasco Habanero.

Made in the United States, it contains Habanero pepper, in addition to usual red chilli. This rather strong pepper originates from the Caribbeans and Mexico and brings a slightly lemony touch during the degustation.

With a strength of 7/10 on the Scoville scale - which is a way to classify sauces and peppers-, Tabasco Habanero is twice as strong as original Tabasco.


distilled vinegar, Habanero pepper, cane sugar, Tabasco (vinegar, red pepper, salt), salt, mango puree,dehydrated onion, banana puree, tomato paste, tamarind puree, papaya puree, garlic,Tabasco sauce with aged pepper. Contains GMO.


Louisiana, United States




Shelf life information

Store in a cool place after opening, shake well before using.


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On top of wonderfully enhancing all of your sauces, Tabasco Habanero will be perfectly suitable for your homemade marinades.

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