Traditional mashed yuzu - Nishiki

Traditional mashed yuzu 210 g

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This Traditional mashed yuzu is an excellent base for your cooked dish, but can also be used as condiment, or to be spread on a buttered toast for breakfast.

It is warranted to be without food coloring, preservatives and additives.


Yuzu from Kôchi (citrus junos) 56,20%, sugar, water.


Kôchi, Japan




Nishikiis now a well-known brand from companes specialized in importing Japanese products. In order the provided us with the greatest pleasure, Nishiki has prepared this fresh Yuzu purée, coming directly from Kochi.


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Mashed yuzu is particularly good with Foie Gras, cheese, duck, red meat, fish, and will beautifully liven up vinaigrette sauces and mayonnaises. For people craving a sweet treat, it will perfume hand whipped cream, fill a chocolate candy or a citrus fruit pie.

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