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The yuzu is a citrus fruit the size of a tangerine and yellow. The yuzus we offer here are about 90g / piece. The flavour of yuzu is similar to that of the lime and mandarin. Its skin is thick and bumpy. We love its zest and its juice is acid and very fragrant. Yuzu is widely used in Japanese cuisine, and complements many dishes, both sweet and savoury. Thus, we recommend using yuzu for marinades (chicken, fish), in your jam or sprinkle some zest on a chocolate cake.


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Tokushima, Japan


Bando Foods


Bando Foods Company is a small family company based in the area of Tokushima (Shikoku), which cultivates the Japanese yuzu citrus and sudachi Yukoh in an area of ??over 7700m?. All these fruits are grown between 300 and 400 meters of altitude. Its annual output is about 25 tons. Part of its production is sold as is in Japan. The other part is processed into products such as yuzu and sudachi juice. This is one of the only companies in Japan to be certified organic for Japanese citrus fruit from growing up to putting them into production.

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