Special Tempura blend - Umami

Special Tempura blend 600 g

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This special Tempura blend is ideal for successfully making tempuras. You simply need to add water to the flour, mix and then add the vegetables, cheeses or shrimps. A preparation that is both simple and quick to wonderfully accompany an aperitif, a salad or dish.


Wheat flour, modified starch,yeast, anatto colouring, vitamin B2.






Shelf life information

Product to be kept at room temperature, then in the refrigerator after opening.

cook with talent

To make Tempuras, add 160ml of cold water to 100g of special Tempura blend. Once it is homogeneously blended, the preparation is ready. Then, you simply need to soak your shrimps, vegetables or chunks of cheese in the mixture, then fry them for three to four minutes in a frying fat heated at 180°C.