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The famous Madras curry mix In South East India, in the state of Tamil Nadu, is cooked, known for its complexes, warm and spicy flavors.

This curry bears the name of the old bay of Bengal harbor, where long struggles over power between the French and the English took place.

The word “curry” comes from the Tamil word “kari”, and was introduced by British colonists in India. It is a spices mix, with different spices in it, depending on the region, the wealth and the ethnic groups. These recipes are kept secret, and have been giving from mothers to daughters for generations and generations.


coriander, mustard, turmeric, flour, fenugreek, chili pepper, cumin, pepper, garlic, fennel, salt.




Terre Exotique


The discovery of a pepper plantation in Penja, a small village in Cameroon is the origin of Terre Exotique.

This is after cultivating this great pepper for 4 years that the Terre Exotique collection was born, as the result of a determination to select the exquisite flavors of high quality.


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It is used on all of your Indian meals, and white meat with sauces. It will provide mussels, smashed chickpeas, lentils and vegetarian meals with an exotic touch.

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