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Wild boar terrine with Pinot Gris 100 g

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Nemrod's terrines are prepared with meat from wild animals that have grown up in the forest.

This wild boar terrine from the Vosges is very refined in the mouth. Boar meat is 3 times less fatty than pork, which is very apparent during the degustation. The Pinot Gris used in this recipe brings a softness that counterbalances the product's fatness. It is perfectly balanced and can be consumed on all occasions.


Wild boar meat, pork liver, white wine 'Pinot gris' (sulphites), egg, salt, onion, pepper, carvi, coriander.


Alsace, France




Shelf life information

Before opening, store at controlled room temperature and keep away from light and humidity. After opening, keep in the refrigerator and consume within three days.


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