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Voatsiperifery wild pepper - fresh pods 10 x 2,5 g

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Max Daumin's spods restitute the scents and savours of freshly picked spices. There is no risk to end up with stale products with a bland taste. Each pod contains the equivalent of a teaspoon. It is perfect for a recipe for four to six people.

This Voatsiperifery wild pepper is a rare and remarkable spice. It is picked by hand directly on creepers that grow on top of big trees in the heart of the Ranomafana forest, on the island of Madagascar. After the harvest, it is manually sorted then separated from its small tail to keep only the pepper's pure epitome.

It possesses a beautiful aromatic complexity with a light pungency and resinous, almost camphorated, noes of underwood.


voatsiperifery wild pepper (100%). Packaged in 10 fresh pods.


Ranomafana, Madagascar


Max Daumin


Max Daumin is a company that values ​​the establishment of lasting and human relations with its producers. They select raw spices, never milled, directly from their producers and each step is carefully examined: choice of the plant, producer's know-how and packaging. The spices are kept in hermetic pod, just after grinding, to deliver intact perfumes and aromas.


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Max Daumin's Voatsiperifery wild pepper is delicate, so we recommend using it at the end of your cooking to enjoy all its subtlety. It is a perfect companion to white meat, fish and seafood, but will also bring an original touch to fruits or white cheeses.

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