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Madagascar pepper - fresh pods 10 x 3 g

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Madagascar pepper is a true pepper.

Picked when ripe, it possesses woody, fruity, almost smoky and slightly minty notes. These pods contain all its strength for an explosion of savours. Each pod contains the equivalent of a teaspoon. It is perfect for a recipe for four to six people.


Madagascar pepper (100%). Packaged in 10 fresh pods.


Manakara, Madagascar


Max Daumin


Max Daumin is a company that values ​​the establishment of lasting and human relations with its producers. They select raw spices, never milled, directly from their producers and each step is carefully examined: choice of the plant, producer's know-how and packaging. The spices are kept in hermetic pod, just after grinding, to deliver intact perfumes and aromas.


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A rare spice full of savour and surprise, perfect for subliming your recipes.

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