Mustard with hazelnut powder and Bourbon vanilla - Fallot

Mustard with hazelnut powder and Bourbon vanilla 100 g

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The delicate wedding of hazelnut and vanilla is extraordinarily delicious, and subtly enliven any dish.


water, mustard seeds from Burgundy, vinegar, white wine AOP from Burgundy 9,4% (with sulphites), salt, hazelnut powder 4%, Bourbon vanilla 2%, natural aroma of vanilla, spices.


Burgundy, France




It is at Beaune that the Moutarderie Fallot (the last independent family and estate of Bourgogne) uses its artisan knowledge, passed down from generation to generation since 1840, to make its exceptional mustards. By processing the grains using millstone to preserve all the gustative properties of the paste.

Such a big chef, the Moutarderie Fallot combines savour and taste. The subtly balanced flavours of its mustards are produced using authentic ingredients, of good quality and the best origins.

With this in mind it comes as no surprise that the Moutardes Fallot are used by the best chefs in the industry; from Paul Bocuse to Georges Blanc, not to mention Patrick Bertron, chef at the Relais Bernard Loiseau, and who worked with the Moutarderie Fallot to create its range of completely original and exotically flavoured gourmet mustards.


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This mustard will particularly enhance poultry or scallops. You can also use it to make canapés and original cocktail appetizers.

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