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Aged by the solera technique, Reserva rum Botran 15 has matured for five to fourteen years, it is a superb rum from Guatemala made from cane sugar.

This rum offers us a first woody nose, with a clear dominant vanilla flavour. Then grow more fruity notes: raisins, dried bananas, dried apricots, all very melted on a coating of fluffy toffee. On the palate, the attack is soft at first, but the rum quickly reveals a powerful character, well typified, with spicy notes well marked. The body is ample, lining well the palate and the smell, and fruity notes are enriched with new versions. Cloves, licorice, cocoa, black coffee

Botran rums are aged in a combination of old and recent American whiskey barrels and casks of sherry and port, creating all kinds of flavor profiles by the rum masters Botran.


Alcohol: 40% vol.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health.. Drink responsibly.






In Guatemala, the Botran family is passionate about rum since 1939, and, in more than sixty years, it has acquired a very specific expertise, allowing it to develop highly original and typed rums that does not have equivalent in the world.

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