Centenario Rum 20 years old - Centenario

Centenario Rum 20 years old 70 cl

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From a molasses distillation in still pot and still cane honey in column, this rum Centenario 20 years old has aged in solera for 20 years in American oak bourbon casks then in sherry casks. It draws a large panel in a sweet aromatic register, greedy and almost pastry. A very light Alcohol accentuates the fruity aromas of young rums while spices, caramel and wood settle over the sips.

The smell feels soft, harmonious flavours like vanilla with notes of ripe fruit, apple and cherry. On the palate, the attack is soft and pleasant with a remarkable aromatic scale. Very harmonious notes of vanilla and exotic fruits (pineapple). This rum is sweet but complex at the same time.


Alcohol: 40% vol.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health.. Drink responsibly.


Costa Rica




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