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Espelette chili pepper pulp Vinegar 25 cl

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The deep redness of the Andalusia bell pepper, crunchy and flavorful, as well as the Italian tomato, sweet and perfumed, and the hotness of the Espelette chili pepper, are all found in this vinegar.

This Espelette chili pepper pulp vinegar from Libeluile will be exquisite in your chocolate based preparations.


Alcohol vinegar 8° 41%, tomato pulp, red bell pepper pulp, crystal sugar, apple pectine, Espelette chili pepper pulp 0,01%


Bresse, France




Armelle, founder of the Libeluile, is passionated by cooking. And all of her love for this art can be found today in her colorful bottles of fruit pulp vinegar.

Her secret is the selection of exceptional raw products, giving a unique and strong, fruity taste.

The fruit pulp vinegar Libeluile will highlight your everyday dish with a flavor that is going to charm your taste buds.


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cook with talent

Use without holding back this vinegar of pulps associated with surprising soft fruits, and the "soft power" of the Espelette chili pepper to deglaze your red meat, to travel to the Basque country on Bayonne ham toasts, or on chocolate cake mixes.