Trio of Bigorre black pork verrines - terrine, rillettes, blood sausage - Padouen

Trio of Bigorre black pork verrines - terrine, rillettes, blood sausage 3 x 90 g

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Living in the open for the most part, Bigorre black pigs PDO move in small herds of 20 pigs maximum per hectare. Their diet is mainly composed of herbs, acorns, mushrooms, chestnuts, etc. Their diet is both healthy and varied. Their flesh is melting and mellow and has rich and persistent aromas, making the Bigorre black pork meat with inimitable quality.

This trio of verrines — perfect for the aperitif — will make you discover:

  • Terrine for which the meat is finely cut and cooked in the oven for a long time, It offers a compact texture and fine savours. Out of the three verrines, this one brings the most chewing in your mouth.
  • Blood sausages are made with onions, thyme, laurel and spices, thus offering a great mellow character. Unlike a butcher's blood sausage, this one is to be consumed as is or on a slice of bread. It is perfect when cold or tepid during the aperitif and will surprise your guests.
  • The meat used to make rillettes has been simmered in a carrot and onion broth for a long time, then slowly cooked at low temperature, which results in a particularly melting texture and a refined taste. Bigorre black pork rillettes set themselves apart by their taste, which is much more refined and smoother than rillettes made from other pig breeds.


Terrine: breast, liver, Bigorre pork breast, egg white, milk, rice flour,salt, dextrose, pepper.

Blood sausage: Bigorre black pork meat, blood, onions, thyme, laurel, spices, wheat flour salt, pepper.

Rillettes : lean and fat of Bigorre black pork, carrots, onions, salt, pepper.






Producers and artisans of the Pyrenean Piedmont but especially passionate about good taste, the collective Padouen allowed the preservation and perpetuation of a species that almost disappeared: the black pork of Bigorre. Unlike intensive farming, Padouen breeders decided to promote this breed, certainly slow and unproductive, but with such a superior taste! Coming from a reasoned breeding, fed with acorns and chestnuts, valued by a PDO with strict specifications, the collective is committed to offer only exceptional products with inimitable flavor.

Shelf life information

Store in a dry place away from heat. After opening, keep the verrines in a cool place and consume within the following days.


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An ideal selection to offer or to (make) discover during the aperitif, for starters on a slice of toasted bread or on toasts.