Blood sausage of Bigorre black pork - Padouen

Blood sausage of Bigorre black pork 180 g

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Raised in perfect conditions and fed with only natural ingredients, Bigorre black pork meat has an exceptional flavour. Blood sausages can be consumed cold or tepid depending on your preferences.


Bigorre black pork meat, blood, onions, thyme, laurel, spices, wheat flour, salt, pepper. .






Producers and artisans of the Pyrenean Piedmont but especially passionate about good taste, the collective Padouen allowed the preservation and perpetuation of a species that almost disappeared: the black pork of Bigorre. Unlike intensive farming, Padouen breeders decided to promote this breed, certainly slow and unproductive, but with such a superior taste! Coming from a reasoned breeding, fed with acorns and chestnuts, valued by a PDO with strict specifications, the collective is committed to offer only exceptional products with inimitable flavor.


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Blood sausage of Bigorre black pork can be consumed hot on toasts or it can be consumed tepid in the middle of a charcuterie plate.