Bigorre black pork brawn - Padouen

Bigorre black pork brawn 180 g

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Brawn is composed of chunks of pork from the head that are cooked with small bits of carrots, gherkins, shallots or onions, then moulded in jelly and seasoned with parsley, garlic, pepper and thyme.


Lean and fat of Bigorre black pork, white wine (sulphites), garlic, carrots, madeira, shallots, spices, parsley. Preservatives: nitrite salt, dextrose, saccharose, spices, antioxidant E316, aromas.

Allergens: sulphites, dextrose.






Producers and artisans of the Pyrenean Piedmont but especially passionate about good taste, the collective Padouen allowed the preservation and perpetuation of a species that almost disappeared: the black pork of Bigorre. Unlike intensive farming, Padouen breeders decided to promote this breed, certainly slow and unproductive, but with such a superior taste! Coming from a reasoned breeding, fed with acorns and chestnuts, valued by a PDO with strict specifications, the collective is committed to offer only exceptional products with inimitable flavor.

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Brawn is to be consumed as is on toasted country bread and on toasts during the aperitif, it can also accompany a charcuterie plate.