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Bigorre black pork ham 24 months - with bone and rind ~ 9 kg

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Black pork ham from Bigorre benefits from its PDO designation: it is from pigs originating from Pyrénées and raised in their original ecosystem.

Living in the open for the most part, Bigorre black pigs move in small herds of 20 pigs maximum per hectare to feed on herbs, acorns, mushrooms, chestnuts, etc. Their diet is both healthy and varied.

The meat is refined with artisanal methods in the same place as the farming one, thus making the best of the terroir's specific climate. It is done in four steps:

  • Salting: the ham is covered with salt, which contributes to the development of aromas and the colour intensity.
  • Cold rest: the ham is hanged for 10 to 16 weeks in order for the salt to be homogeneously diffused and for the ham to lose some of its humidity.
  • Drying: the ham is placed in a drier at room temperature where the lean part is covered with pork fat and rice flour for a homogeneous drying.
  • Refining: this ham spent 24 months in a drier with windows to benefit from temperature condition, the Foehn effect (a warm and dry wind) and the humidity of Piedmont in the central Pyrenees. It will allow it to acquire all its sensory characteristics and develop its typicality.

This union between nature and man's work allow for the pleasure of a finely marbled and slightly shiny flesh; the promise of exceptional melting properties. Its taste is powerful and lasts a long time in the mouth, with enough salt to stimulate your papillae and enhance the flavours.


Bigorre black pork, rock salt from Adour salines.






Producers and artisans of the Pyrenean Piedmont but especially passionate about good taste, the collective Padouen allowed the preservation and perpetuation of a species that almost disappeared: the black pork of Bigorre. Unlike intensive farming, Padouen breeders decided to promote this breed, certainly slow and unproductive, but with such a superior taste! Coming from a reasoned breeding, fed with acorns and chestnuts, valued by a PDO with strict specifications, the collective is committed to offer only exceptional products with inimitable flavor.

Shelf life information

To be preserved outside up to a year after receiving it.


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cook with talent

Due to the presence of bones, it can only be cut by hand. It needs to be at room temperature during the tasting so as to enjoy all the ham's flavours.