Gingerbread - pure honey - Mulot & Petitjean

Gingerbread - pure honey 230 g

2,70 € / 100 g

Off season. Will be back at the year's end.


This pure honey gingerbread is the flagship product of the Maison Mulot & Petitjean.

The rigorous selection of perfumed honey along with the balanced spice blend brings this gingerbread such a particular and mellow taste that will delight your papillae. This pure honey gingerbread will accompany your desserts, bring a touch of delicacy to your coffee or tea and will thrill children during breakfast.


Honey (57%), rye flour, wheat flour, water, egg yolk, baking powder (sodium carbonate), spices.

Allergens : gluten, eggs. May contain traces of almonds.


Burgundy, France


Mulot & Petitjean


cook with talent

Associated with cheeses (Roquefort, Mont d'Or, Valençay, Bleu d'Auvergne, Epoisses), Mulot & Petitjean's gingerbread is a true delight. It will be a nice addition to your salads or during dessert.