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Dried prunes stuffed with Armagnac 300 g

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Macerating prunes in Armagnac first enriches the fruits with powerful aromas which are then softened by the cooking of the fruits pulps. One finger of pure Armagnac enlivens the perfume of this strongly regionally attached recipe.


Agen prune, sugar, water, Armagnac, preservative E200.


Aquitaine, France




The Thorem company, located in the heart of the Lot-et-Garonne department, homeland of the Pruneau d’Agen (Agen pitted prune). Its history has been intimately bound with the gastronomic tradition of the area, as well as with its traditional savoir-faire, for over 40 years now. Every fruits that will become these gastronomic goods are carefully selected. The Thorem quality is the warranty for your taste buds to experience the true original taste of fruits.