Soy Sauce - 3 years old - Kamebishiya

Soy Sauce - 3 years old 200 ml

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Made with carefully selected soy seeds, and then finely aged in cedar barrels, its consistence is naturally thick, its taste is deep and its softness is unmatched. One of the indispensable products of the Japanese gastronomy, the soy sauce is a seasoning with a very characteristic taste that will be delicious with a large number of foods: rice, vegetable, fish, meat, etc.


water, soy seeds, blé, sea salt, GMO free.


Kagawa, Japan




Since 1753, the story of Kamebishiya has been built from one generation to the next, in the heart of a fertile province: Kagawa, the most important in the traditional, regional sector of soy sauce production.


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This soy sauce is a wonderful seasoning for sashimis and tofu dish. In western cooking, it is great when used as a marinade.