Soy sauce - 20 years old - Kamebishiya

Soy sauce - 20 years old 55 ml

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This 20 years old soy sauce has been made with organic soy seed carefully selected and patiently aged in cedar barrels.

This very rare product is for real connoisseurs. It can be compared with old Modena balsamic vinegar.

Really rich in umami, this authentic soy sauce flavorfully blends tobacco leaves and soy. You will be surprised by its power and its slightly smoked and grilled touches. The final touch will reminds you of woody flavors thanks to the cedar barrel aging process.

This sauce is fairly thick, smooth and round. Soy is very much felt.


water, soy beans, wheat, salt.


Kagawa, Japan




Since 1753, the story of Kamebishiya has been built from one generation to the next, in the heart of a fertile province: Kagawa, the most important in the traditional, regional sector of soy sauce production.


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This high quality soy sauce will enhance your scallops, sea bream, turbots, sea bass, or you can use it in a more original way, on dark chocolate ice cream, or a ripe mango.