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Passata Contadina - tomato sauce with pulp 290 g

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This organic tomato sauce is produced from pulpy tomatoes originating from the region of Apulia, in the south of Italy. These tomatoes are manually harvested, then processed with 12 hours in order to preserve all their freshness and taste.

This Passata will sublime your miscellaneous sauce dishes or pastas.


Tomato, salt.






The story of Agricola Paglione is the story of a family. Every product has a story. It sums up the rural roots of the family and the experience that has been passed down through four generations. The fields of the Lucera countryside, between the Apennines of Tavoliere and Daunia, are grown organically in full respect of seasonality.


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Perfect for seasoning pizzas or preparing toasts with extra-virgin olive oil and oregano.

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