Organic Konjac noodles - Umami

Organic Konjac noodles 500 g

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Konjac noodles are made from Konjac plant's tuber. Once powdered, Konjac flour is mixed with water, thus forming a paste called konnyaku. Once worked, the paste can take the shape of noodles or rice.

These Umami Konjac noodles have a rather neutral flavour and take on the flavour of the ingredients with which they are mixed.


Konjac*, powdered konjac*, calcium hydroxide.

* : Products from organic farming.


Yamagata, Japan




Shelf life information

Keep away from heat, light and humidity. Do not freeze. After opening, keep in the refrigerator and quickly consume.


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cook with talent

They can be prepared with cream with grilled bacon, in a wok with chicken, with vegetables such as courgettes, carrots and spices such as Curcuma or curry, or even with salmon and lemon.