White sesame oil - Yamada Seiyu

White sesame oil 300 ml

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Obtained after long weeks of preparation, the white sesame oil is made from wood grilled sesame seeds that are then pressed.

It will be great with Japanese meals as well as with western salted or sweet dish. Ideal for the making of vinaigrette sauces or meat and steamed fish marinades.


white sesame seeds oil, GMO free.


Kyoto, Japan


Yamada Seiyu


For three generation, the Yamada Seiyu family has built its fame all across Japan thanks to its products based on the best sesame grains, and elaborated respecting the tradition. This is this preserved tradition that keeps Yamada Seiyu as an exceptional artisan, with only eleven employees, all of them artisan masters of sesame.

Rigorously selecting the sesame grains, knowing to take its time, working with extreme meticulousness…these three requirements make the strength, the quality and the authenticity of Yamada Seiyu, whose products are distributed in the most famous fine delicatessens and great stores of Japan.


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cook with talent

Pour a few drops of sesame oil on peeled citrus fruits slices and dust with table sugar.