Junmai Daiginjo Ty Ku Sake - Ty Ku

Junmai Daiginjo Ty Ku Sake 33 cl

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Junmai Daiginjo Ty Ku Sake extreme aromatic richness makes it suitable to be served along any type of food. Its floral notes blend with touches of banana and vanilla, and its stout tasting allies complex hints of spices and citrus fruits.


Alcohol: 15.5%.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Drink with moderation.




Ty Ku


Ty Ku comes from the common project of two Columbia University students, Kirk Spahn and Trenton Ulicny. They were trying to create an alcoholic beverage suitable for athletes; tasty but also healthy. This is how the two partners started to get interested by saké. Since then, they have been working with Japanese distilleries to increase the interest of this liquor in the Western World.