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Yellow curry paste 70 g

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This Yellow curry is one of the most famous Thai cuisine dish. This paste is composed of spices, herbs and peppers. The presence of coconut milk softens the flavor of curry.


Lemongrass, shallots, dried red pepper, garlic, coriander, galangal, ginger, coriander root, fennel, shrimp paste, saffron, cumin, white pepper, salt.


Bangkok, Thaïlande


Blue Elephant


Blue Elephant is a chain of high-end Thai restaurants. These restaurants can be found in Bangkok as well as in Paris and London. These last years, Blue Elephant has launched a collection of products of excellence to cook at home in order to allow everyone to taste the Thai gastronomy.

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cook with talent

To let express all the flavors of yellow curry paste, fry this latter in hot oil for 3 minutes before adding the other ingredients.

The yellow curry is ideal with chicken, fish and shrimp. This is the sweetest Thai curry.

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