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Organic Thai black rice 2 x 250 g

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Traditionally cultivated in the Chiang Mai region, in Northern Thailand, this exceptional rice is a brown rice whose grain and hull are naturally black.

Its long grains, crunchy and meltingly soft, reveal once cooked a wonderful hazelnut flavor.

Wholesome and very nutritional, it is a great choice for your salads, and will be great along any of your meals.


Organic Thai black rice 100%.


Bangkok, Thaïlande


Blue Elephant


Blue Elephant is a chain of high-end Thai restaurants. These restaurants can be found in Bangkok as well as in Paris and London. These last years, Blue Elephant has launched a collection of products of excellence to cook at home in order to allow everyone to taste the Thai gastronomy.

cook with talent

Pour a bag (250g) in a pan. Add two cups of water. Add salt.

Once boiling, cover and keep at a very low simmer for 25-30 minutes.

Take out of the fire and keep it like this for 5-10 minutes. Serve.