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Sherry vinegar with Pedro Zimenez AOP (PDO) Réserve 250 ml

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Sherry vinegar is derived from the fermentation processes of sweet wines exclusively coming from Palomino, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel (Muscat) varieties, all of which are located in the very sunny region of Jerez, south of Andalusia. The AOP (PDO) label is proof of the vinegars' exceptional quality. They are aged in precious woods, as per the traditional system known as "criaderas y soleras".

This sherry vinegar with Pedro Ximenez AOP (PDO) Réserve is made with wine coming from the Palomino variety in which is added a bit of Pedro Ximenez, softer and sweeter. The vinegar is aged for at least two years in American oak barrels, thus allowing it to gain certain aromatic notes from these barrels.

Sweet-sour, it preserves the intense and bold aromas of sherry vinegar, softened by a sweet and fruity touch and a long-lasting taste.


Sherry vinegar with Pédro Ximenez AOP (PDO) Réserve, E-220, E-150p. Contains sulfites.


Jerez de la Frontera, Spain




Arvum is a range specially created to bring together a selection of exceptional sherry vinegars. Aecovi Jerez, an association of small wine cooperatives located in the province of Jerez, is at the origin of this approach, in order to value the traditional and artisanal practices of the vine growers.


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Its high concentration of aromas will make it your best ally for seasonings, salads, macerations or reductions. It is also delicious with game meat, fish and dried vegetables.