Small, dry Shiitakés Donko - Kashii

Small, dry Shiitakés Donko 50 g

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The dried shiitakés donko are perfumed and flavorful. Only produced in Japan, gourmet taste buds will know the difference between regular products and this high end one.


whole Shiitakés (100%).


kyushu, Japan




Kashii exclusively uses fresh shiitakes from the Kyushu Island. They are cultivated on wood shavings in order to have a better maturation of the natural aromas. After the harvest, the mushrooms are carefully selected depending on their qualities and on their sizes. Their shapes must be perfectly round, thick enough, and a returned edge. The texture of these mushrooms is firmer than the one of the regular shiitakes, and their flavor is more emphasized.


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cook with talent

Put these dried Shiitakés in a salad bowl filled with water, cover it with plastic wrap and let them soak for 24 hours in the fridge. The shiitakés are now ready to be pan-fried. Strain the water and boil it to get a shiitakés broth. This one can be enjoyed like that, warm or cold, or used for cooking.