Rice vinegar - Tobaya Suten

Rice vinegar 200 ml

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This white rice vinegar will know how to charm you. Made by Japanese masters cook, respecting traditional recipes, its sweet and perfumed flavor makes it one of the basic seasoning of Japanese cooking.

It is essential for the making of vinegar rice used for sushis, and can be used to replace wine vinegar.


water, rice alcohol, rice vinegar, koshihikari rice, kôji yeast.


Fukui, Japan


Tobaya Suten


The family company Tobaya Stuten has been elaborating products of an exceptional quality since 1710. These products now cross borders to give a sparkling touch to all culinary styles .


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cook with talent

It is great when mixed with soy sauce for sashimis, with grated white turnip, or to the slow cooking of meat because it helps it get more tender. Add to some olive oil, it will enhance your carpaccio. It is also very interesting used with fresh oysters.

Poured in sparkling water, it strongly reveals its fruity taste.