Don Papa Rum 10 years old, limited edition - Don Papa

Don Papa Rum 10 years old, limited edition 70 cl

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This Rum Don Papa 10 years old is a blend of different barrels of rums, all aged for more than 10 years. It is exclusively produced with cane sugar from Negros Island, in the Philippines.

The molasses was rigorously selected in order to only keep the richest and sweetest ones. Distilled in a column still, the rum then ages for 10 years in burnt American oak barrels, that will give to the rum its touches of oak and vanilla.

The intensity of its color is explained by the fact that the angel’s share in the Philippines is the most important of the world. Moreover, the tradition in the Philippines is to not do the ullage. The quantity of juice that the angles agreed to leave us after 10 years is rather small and deeply colored and concentrated.

Only one bottle per order.


Alcohol: 43%.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Drink with moderation.




Don Papa


Don Papa is the name of one of the heroes of the Filipino revolution that allowed its country to achieve its independence. Don Papa was working in the fields of sugar cane where he would cut the cane. It is in his honor that the Don Papa House named itself and now distills a delicious rum.

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