Cognac Hine Grande Champagne 1986 - Hine

Cognac Hine Grande Champagne 1986 70 cl

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Some years, when climate allows a harvest of exceptional quality, Hine sets aside a brandy outcome only from Grande Champagne. The secular apprenticeship allows then to the Cellar Master to detect specific qualities to create a true vintage cognac.

These vintage Grande Champagne is aged in cellars specific under customs control. Available in limited quantities, it is renewed each year, with four or five vintages which offer each time different flavor profiles.

This Hine Grande Champagne 1986 cognac is very delicate, very complex with fruity notes of peach and oak with a long final.


Alcohol : 40% vol.

Alcohol abuse is detrimental to your health. Please drink with moderation.


Charente, France




Focus on the essentials to keep only the exceptional. Devote its life to make each cognac a work of art unique and ephemeral.

For nearly 250 years, the quality of Hine cognac, universally recognized, is constantly maintained by the knowledge handed since six generations in a captivating quest to the heights of excellence.

These cognacs reflect what Hine can offer the best: vintage, by their rarity and exceptional quality are the most perfect expression.


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