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Whole duck foie gras 200g 200 g

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This is the classic foie gras Dupérier House. Made in the heart of the moors, it is favored by top chefs (Hélène Darroze, Gagnaire, Patrick Bertron, ...).

Indeed, the remarkable quality of fresh foie gras adds a unique culinary expertise that is transmitted Dupérier House jealously from generation to generation.


Foie gras, salt, pepper.


Landes, France




The Dupérier House is the heir to a unique culinary expertise jealously transmitted for generations. It is Robert Dupérier, who today continues the tradition in the service of quality and authenticity.

Although the tradition is an important part in the philosophy of the House, the recipes are continuously improved and enhanced over the years by the advice of great names of French cuisine.

To do this, the House selects its crammers breeders severely and monitors with a watchful eye the feeding of ducks during the breeding and feeding.


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Foie gras is canned and sterilized, that is to say it is autoclaved between 105 °C and 115 °C. Thus, it will keep for several years at room temperature. After opening, the foie gras can be kept 3 days in the fridge, wrapped in cellophane.

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