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Wasabi in tube 42 g

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More powerful than its cousin, the horseradish, the wasabi is mostly used to spice up sushis and sashimis. Contrary to what we are used to see here in France in Japanese restaurants, wasabi should not be mixed in soy sauce, it alters its taste and is not considered as respectful.

It will also replace the traditional mustard to enjoy red meat.


Hon wasabi roots - wasabia japonica of shizuoka (36,67%), sweetener E420i, maltose, salt, rapeseed oil, cellulose, wheat fiber, modified tapioca starch, allyl isothiocyanate, cyclodextrine, citric acid E330, antioxidant E301, thickening agent E415.


Shizuoka, Japan




Tamaruya is a company specialized in wasabi, and has earned a great reputation right since its creation, in 1874.


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Wasabi is much appreciated to spice up sushis and sashimis. It is also used to prepare broths.