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Matcha Latte tea 100 g

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The Matcha Latte tea is very popular in Japan and is also very much appreciated by westerners. The matcha tea leaves keep a subtle color and a flavor softer and more balanced than the regular matcha tea.

This matcha tea can be associated with skimmed milk, sugar and dextrin which will preserve its nice color.


skimmed milk powder, caster sugar, matcha tea (8%), dextrine.


Kyoto, Japan




Fujini Shoujai Co. prospered from the second half of the 20th Century to the beginning of the 21st Century, as high quality Japanese tea and Uji tea supplier for the Kyoto tea shops.

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You will enjoy this tea anytime of the day. It is a real popular phenomenon in Japan, really appreciated by westerners. The advised quantity is 20 grams for 150ml. If you add ice cubs, do it once it has been diluted in the liquid.