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Lemon Balm Tea 50 g

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Prescribed since ancient times for an impressive range of ailments, this perennial is commonly used in herbal medicine, but also as a condiment or herb. As herbal tea, these beautiful oval leaves, embossed, very flavour have calming effects in case of nervous disorders. In the kitchen, their spicy taste reminiscent of lemon surprise your guests in a salad, a marinade or sauce.


Lemon balm.




Les Jardins de Gaïa


Established in 1993 by Arlette and Nicolas, Les Jardins de Gaïa import and market organic teas and infusions of the highest quality, from fair and organic farming, from all around the world (India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan , South Africa, Brazil, Himalaya, etc..).

Arlette and Nico do not just sell teas and infusions, they communicate their passion of the product. They like to instill the finest flavors of rare vintages and explore the complex journey of flavors born of a harmonious blend of traditional know-how and exceptional soils.

Their unconditional respect for the man in harmony with its environment, their constant concern of preserving nature, their active support to small farmers, their commitment to equitable distribution of wealth produced, their happiness to share the precious moods felt in the most beautiful places in the world demonstrate a total and permanent human commitment.

For them, the quality of products is completely bound to respect the land and people who work it.

Their passion for tea helped them to many meetings and maintain direct relationships with their producers, always favoring small farmers to promote organic farming on a human scale, enabling them to increase choice, quality and taste of products over the harvests.

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Infusion : 8 minutes.