Spread - Organic hazelnut cream from Piedmont (1kg) - Teo Bia

Spread - Organic hazelnut cream from Piedmont (1kg) 1 kg

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This hazelnut cream spread by Teo & Bia is artisanally made in Italy. It is composed of three products only: cane sugar, cocoa and hazelnuts, all from organic farming. It is palm oil-free, soybean lecithin-free, gluten-free and milk-free.

The arrival of the 1kg format will delight the gourmets.

Tasting: the cream is smooth, the hazelnut taste is very intense and lasts a long time in the mouth. It is a great success.

Noncontractual visual. The glass jar can be replaced by a plastic one when Giuseppe, Teo & Bia's founder, has a shortage of jars.


Organic hazelnut from Piedmont PGI* (47% min), cane sugar*, lean cocoa*. *organic farming


Piedmont, Italy


Teo Bia


Teo & Bia is a company based in Italy creating delicate products combining tasty ingredients, grown with respect for the environment and the health of the consumer. This brand favors simple foods from organic farming.


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