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French honey and propolis 125 g

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The role of propolis is to protect the hives from microbes and humidity. Throughout history, it has become renowned for its multiple benefits for humans. It is considered to be a prime anti-infective, especially when having a cold or a sore throat.

This preparation, produced by Hédène, blends the strength of oak honey with the unique flavour of French propolis, giving the whole a woody flavour and a smooth texture.

It is ideal for breakfast; you need but a teaspoonful. Or you can add it in a hot milk cup.


French oak honey (98%), French propolis (2%).


Centre Val-de-Loire, France




Hédène was born from the meeting of two Parisians passionate about honey who wanted to offer a honey with exceptional quality, and to share the unique pleasure of a refined French honey.


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The texture of honey evolves with time. Keep away from heat and humidity.