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French acacia honey and royal jelly 125 g

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The precious royal jelly is produced by worker bees between the 5th and 14th days of their existence. It is renowned for its numerous benefits for our bodies, the strengthening of the immune system and energy resurgence amongst other things.

Since royal jelly is necessary to the hive's survival, very small quantities are collected by Hédène's beekeepers. Coming from a 100% French production, this preparation turns out to be a true elixir full of delicateness and composed of floral and fruity notes. The softness of acacia honey counterbalances the royal jelly's acidity to give way to a melting texture. It is ideal for an infusion or a cure to be consumed as is.


French acacia honey (99,2%), French royal jelly (0,8%).


Centre Val-de-Loire, France




Hédène was born from the meeting of two Parisians passionate about honey who wanted to offer a honey with exceptional quality, and to share the unique pleasure of a refined French honey.


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