Green Figs in Armagnac Syrup - Vergers de Gascogne

Green Figs in Armagnac Syrup 250 g

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The green fig is the variety of the rarest fig. It is a small-sized fig, with a fine skin, a soft and sweet flesh. Plunged into the Armagnac, its aromas mix with the concentrated of wine to give a fruit which will accompany marvelously a fried foie gras or one duck breast.


figs, water, sugar, Armagnac (9,6% at 60°).


Gascony, France


Vergers de Gascogne


Vergers de Gascogne is specialized in the preparation of fruit since 1946. The fruits are sorted manually one by one to ensure maturity and to detect flaws in order to select only the best.

Finally, each jar is controlled at least three times before shipping which guarantees optimum quality. The products are 100% natural and are used by many chefs.


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Serve with vanilla ice cream or use to garnish foie gras.

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