Panettone boulanger - Biasetto

Panettone boulanger 500 g

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Brioche filled with raisins, candied fruits and citrus zests, Panettone originates from Milan. This Milanese Panettone is produced from the best raw materials. Each ingredient has been selected for its organoleptic qualities in order to obtain an incomparably delicious brioche. Moreover, leaven is used in the recipe instead of yeast to have a perfect honeycomb structure.

With such rigorous sourcing and confection, this is no surprise that this Panettone won the prize of Best Traditional Panettone of Italy in 2018.


Type "00" wheat flour, fresh butter, raisins, free egg yolk, candied fruits (orange zests, pumpkin, lemon zest, cherries, glucose syrup, sugar), leaven (natural leaven), acacia honey, candied orange (orange zest, glucose syrup, sugar), fresh vanilla, orange, lemon, salt, barley malt.

Allergen : Gluten, egg.

May contain traces of peanut, soybean, milk, nuts and sesame seeds.


Lombardia, Italy




Rustichella d'Abruzzo: a nature and a taste to discover. In the region of Abruzzo, in the green heart of Europe, the workshops of craft production Rustichella d'Abruzzo use the best natural ingredients to prepare with the care of the past, delicious panettone and pandoro that have nothing to do with those we usually find in supermarkets.

Shelf life information

Store in a cool, dry place.