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Stenkall brun - Spirits freshener 1 unit


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This trivet keeps your food preparations hot or cold depending on what you cook. Its diameter is 20 cm, thickness 2 cm. It is sold with a cork board to prevent damage to your table if you heat the trivet.


Jämtland, Suède




Taljsten is a Swedish family business that offers a range of products designed and manufactured in Sweden from of soapstone. Soapstone is known to keep heat or cool. Berggrund Rolf and his wife and aims to offer around them useful and enjoyable products to keep cool bottles or keep warm flat at the table service.

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freshener spirits, spirits, rum, soapstone, suede, cooling, natural stone, Täljsten.


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cook with talent

Put the cooler in the freezer at least 2 hours before using. Pour 4 cl of spirits in your glass. Place it in the center of the cooler and wait 2-5 minutes before you can enjoy your drink.

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